Lunar New Year 2024 at GlowStation

Did you know that in many Asian countries, New Year is celebrated twice a year?

In addition to the year changing on 31st Dec. – 1st Jan., many Asian countries such as South Korea, China, and Vietnam also celebrate the Lunar New Year which changes according to the Lunar calendar.

Depending on the year, Lunar New Year (LNY) is celebrated in January or February. In 2024, the year changes on the 10th of February.

The year starting is the Year of the Dragon.

According to the Lunar calendar, your horoscope is a dragon if you were born during these years:

The babies born in 2024 will have a dragon as their horoscope if their birthday is on the 10th of February or later.

Lunar New Year traditions

Good food, time spent with families, and various cultural activities are part of the Lunar New Year in every country.

Pictured below is tteokguk (rice cake soup) which belongs strongly to the South Korean Lunar New Year, named Seollal.

In the countries celebrating LNY, children receive for example money and wisdom for the year from elder family members. Small gifts are often packed in envelopes or lucky pouches.

Inspired by this, we at GlowStation are also celebrating Lunar New Year in our physical stores and online.

Gift pouch for you

From our physical stores, the lucky ones will receive a surprise lucky pouch. The pouches are being distributed on Saturday and Sunday February 10-11 only. There will be 100 pouches/store on Saturday and another 100 pouches/store on Sunday. 

Cute lucky pouches will be shared in our GlowStation store customers in Estonia (Tallinn) and Finland (Espoo & Turku) on Saturday and Sunday February 10-11.

Instagram game

Online we are going to play a small game that will tell your fortune for 2024. The game will be played on our Instagram feed@glowstation_official.

We highly recommend playing, because the game also includes a quick Instagram giveaway that closes already on Sunday 11th February. The lucky winners will receive a 50 euro gift card to our online store.

Take part in the game and giveaway in Instagram until Sunday February 11, 2024.