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It's SKIN uutuudet Peptide Collagen ja V7 Hyaluronic

It’S SKIN = SOLUTION The only solution for you and for your skin. This brand is the 3rd biggest cosmetics manufacturer of South Korea. Its extensive research on best cosmetic ingredients and formulas and attention to every fine detail in your skin guarantees the high quality and effectiveness of the products for the skin. All skin care products are clinically tested.

You might be wondering between numerous brands, and it can be confusing to search for information about skincare and find solutions for your skin problems. It’S SKIN understands your skin worries. It has been conducting research on which ingredients you would need, which are the most optimal ingredient ratios, and which compositions are safe for the skin. It makes products based on your needs. Check out the brand’s classics and read more about the award-winning new products below.