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Peripera is a highly popular and youthful Korean makeup brand owned by Clio Cosmetics. It is designed for makeup lovers who enjoy innovative quality and trendy designs. Its softly adhering lip tints with wonderful mousse-like textures don’t flake easily and have a soft feel even on dry lips.

According to a legend, a fairy named Peri carried around a magic pouch called Pera and transformed into an alluring woman. PeriPera is a total beauty brand that reproduces the magic of the lovely beauty alchemist, Peri, with modern technology.

Peripera targets young, independent people with a strong sense of self and who prize individuality. Its feminine design and romantic style captures the hearts of the users. It develops the eye-catching makeup products that can be enjoyed comfortably and easily following the latest and hottest trends and sensibility. Customers get innovative quality and pretty designs at reasonable prices.