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Saborino is a Japanese skincare brand dedicated to developing time-saving 1-minute sheet masks that allow you to skip steps of your morning routine without feeling guilty. In Japanese, Saboru (サボる) means to “skip” or “to be lazy”. The brand is designated for busy women who want to complete their beauty routine as quickly as possible. And of course these multi-functional sheet masks are suitable for men too.

Your skin needs to be cared for even when you only have a few minutes left before getting late. With these special 3-in-1 morning facial masks, you can save time and complete your daily skincare routine in just 1 minute. Saborino facial mask sheets combine morning face wash, moisturizer and makeup base. They prepare the skin for makeup with cleansing, toning and moisturizing properties, and allow you to get a fresh start for the new day. Saborino masks can be used daily and they are especially perfect for busy mornings and tired nights. Traditional Korean sheet masks for longer relaxation and skincare moments can be found in our sheet mask category here. But now, get ready without the hassle using Saborino!