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Shangpree brand category top deluxe spa brandShangpree Spa is a world-famous and iconic first-class spa in Seoul that has been catering to their highly demanding guests in the “spa elite” for over 25 years. Their spa staff, even professionals who have worked in spas their whole lives, have to go through the 3-year training to learn the high standards and the ideology Shangpree Spa stands for. Customers wanted to order the products which they received in their spa treatments and over time the brand Shangpree developed.

Today, Shangpree skin care is one of Korea’s most exclusive cosmetics brands. It is characterized by its modern technology and innovative natural ingredients. Products rich in gold, carbon and nutritious Asian plants have each contributed to their success. The same high standard is maintained now as the brand delivers its first product lines with the same level of perfectionism expected in each formula.

Now we get the chance to enjoy these fantastic products at home – We offer a selection of their most famous products that will make your own home spa jump straight up among the top. Discover the exclusive skin care products below.


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